W E S T   C O A S T   P R O J E C T
Born in New York City, KITH has always delivered an aesthetic derived from the darker street-centric environment we reside in.
Now we set our sights on sunny-skied Los Angeles, as we trade our cement jungle for sandy beaches and crystal blue waters.
While New York City and Los Angeles lie on opposite ends of the country, their similarities are unmistakable. Both act as the center of cultural diffusion, being industry leaders in fashion, entertainment, and the culinary arts. Due to their mutual qualities, the Gel Sight silhouette was used as the base to tell the story of both cities.
  • Originally released in 1992 during the Barcelona Olympics
  • Initially designed for Japanese delegates at the Olympics
  • “Gel-Sight” derived from visible components
  • Injection TPU reveals rear Gel Wave suspension

    Wind-up TPU Heel Protector with custom-molded branding

    Performance-oriented training model

    Custom molded TPU stabilizer

    3M formstripes

    Deep navy pigskin suede

    Deep navy glove leather

    3M woven laces

    Sand pinched suede

    FEBRUARY 20TH, 2015